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​Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method 


​Registration is Closed!​ "Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method"is a series of 5 workshops aims to free up the singing voice, enriching the tone, resonance, stamina and ease of vocal production. Throughout, the McClosky Technique, a set of relaxation exercises and steps for improve postural alignment, will be introduced to help participants address different aspects of the singing voice and understand the true meaning of singing with freedom. A Certified McClosky Voice Technician will lead the interactive and practical sessions using excerpts from song repertoires.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover vocal freedom through the McClosky Relaxation, Posture, Breathing and Breathy Sigh
  • ​Optimize the resonance and articulation through freeing the vocal apparatus
  • Cultivate good phonation habits, i.e., flow phonation, balanced on-set and off-set
  • Gain insight to the singer’s breath: the application of Appoggio


  • Workshop 1: The Fundamentals of Good Singing
  • Workshop 2: The McClosky Method:  Relaxation, Posture, Breathing and Breathy Sigh
  • Workshop 3: Phonation and Resonance
  • Workshop 4: Dictions and Articulation
  • Workshop 5: Expression and Interpretation

Speaker/Facilitator: Dr. Chia Wei Khuan

  • Senior Lecturer, National Institute of Education
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, UniSIM
  • Certified McClosky Voice Technician
  • Certification in Vocology
  • Member, National Association of Singing Teachers, USA

18 November - 23 December 2017 (Every Sat except 2nd Dec)
Time: 9:30pm - 12:30pm (Mandarin)
2:00pm - 5:00pm (in English)
Venue:Confucius Institute, NTU​
11 Slim Barracks Rise, NTU @One-north campus, Executive Centre,
(near Buona Vista MRT station)
​Language Medium:​English
S$74.90 / 1 lesson       
S$321.00 / 5 lessons (Public)
S$171.00 / 5 lessons (NSA Subsidy applicable for Singaporean seniors aged 50 years and above​) 

(Price stated is inclusive of 7%GST)

Note: Above discount does not apply to NSA Subsidy​
​Contact Person:Yaqi / Jia Haur
​Tel:​6592​​ 7513 / 6514 1397
Fax: ​6779 7859​

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