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Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

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This course aims to practise writing beautiful Chinese Characters (Hanzi) and have a better understanding of Chinese Culture.

Course Objectives:

  • ​To provide a comprehensive introduction to Chinese Calligraphy (including its historical development, basic skills and hands-on experience).
  • To provide participants appropriate guidance on Calligraphy based on individual preferences and abilities.

Course Outline: 
Lecture Series 1:Fundamentals of Chinese Calligraphy
  • ​An Introduction into Chines​e Calligraphy​
  • The benefit of practicing Chinese Calligraphy (meditative, cultivating disciplined, and relaxing)
  • How Chinese Characters were formed 
  • Writing styles of Chinese Characters and Calligraphy 
  • History of Chinese Calligraphy 
  • Basic Writing Materials – “Four Treasures of Study” 
  • Technique of Handling and Controlling of the Brush
  • Eight Basic Brushstrokes Principles using the word ‘yong’
  • ​Fundamental Rules and changes of Brushstrokes Movement 
  • Five Golden Rules of Brushstroke Sequences 
  • Structure of Characters 
  • Build up collection of Chinese words, starting with simple structures of characters and working up to more complicated compositions

Lecture Series 2 :Learning the exemplary works of ancient masters
  • ​​An introduction to the calligraphic basic skill by practicing exemplary works of famous calligraphers​
  • How to choose a good version of copybook (Stone rubbing templates) 
  • Comparison of the exemplary works of 4 famous calligraphers and in-depth study into the unique characteristics of their works
  • How to appreciate the exemplary works of the reputed calligraphers and imitating their styles
  • Practising the exemplary works of various famous calligraphers, namely Liu Gongquan , Yan Zhengqing and Zhao Mengfu ​
  • Practising writing the same words in different styles
  • Understanding different formats of Chinese Calligraphic Works
  • Layout arrangements 
  • How to create beautiful brush lettering and Artwork  
  • Inscriptions or sign off the artwork
  • Special efforts on calligraphy  

Course Instructor: Mr Chew Ho Son (周和顺先生)​​​​

Chew Ho Son, Singaporean, was the Divisional Director of Finance, Nanyang Technological University for 30 years.  He graduated from Nanyang University Singapore.

He received his Professional calligraphy training at Tsing Hua University in Beijing, China. He has been sharing his passion for the Chinese Culture and Calligraphy thru teaching at various communities.

He has been, since 2010, assisting the Confucius Institute, NTU Singapore including the International Exchange Students in grooming /teaching Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Culture. He is also a Peoples Association, Singapore qualified trainer for the last 6 years, conducting courses at their community clubs.

6 August​ - 12 November​​ 20​​18 (Every Mon) | 10:00am - 12:00pm
7 August ​– 13 November​ 2018 (Every Tue)​ | ​​7:30pm - 9:30pm
Language Medium: Mandarin & English​
Venue: Confucius Institute, NTU​
11 Slim Barracks Rise, NTU @One-north campus, Executive Centre, #08-01
Singapore ​138664 ​(near Buona Vista MRT station)
​Course Fee: ​S$385.20 / 12 sessions​
After NSA subsidy: S$205.20 / 12 sessions (Singaporean senior citizen aged 50 and above)
S$40.00 (Materials fee)

(Price stated is inclusive of 7% G​ST)

Early Bird Discount (register by 20 July 2018):​​
  • ​15% discount for NTU staff/student^*
  • 15% discount for group of 3 pax and more*
  • 10% discount for public*

^Proof of identity status or relevant documents are required for verification purpose. 
*Students are eligible for only ONE of the above mentioned discount scheme
​​Contact Person: Jye Min​
Tel: 6514 1398​​​

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