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​Guzheng Beginner Course​

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Guzheng (Zither) is a tradtional Chinese instrument that produces beautiful and charming music with a clear, noble and pleasant sound. Learning guzheng not only can cultivate one's mind, and temperament but also stimulate one's inner artistic potential and achieving self-satisfaction. In this course partnered with The TENG Academy, students will learn the basic structure of guzheng basic fingering, infiltrating Tzu Chi’s culture of humanities into teaching. ​​​​

Course Instructor

Mr ​Chia Cam Meng, Johnny started​​ learning Guzheng (Zither) at the age of 14. ​​​​​​​He participated in ​​​various performance groups such as Cheng San Echoes Of The Valley Chinese Orchestra​, Guzheng Association Singapore, Siong Ling Music Association and ​​​​the Teng Ensemble. In year 2016, Johnny obtained Bachelor of Performing Arts in Chinese Traditional Music (Major in Guzheng) given by China Music Conservatory (Beijing)​. Currently, he is an instructor at Raffles Institution, Raffles Junior College, Nanyang Polytechnic, Catholic High Primary School ​and Edgefield Secondary School.

National Silver Academy (NSA) 
Singapore Senior Citizens, aged 50 years and above can enjoy 50% NSA subsidy of the course fee. 
For more information, please refer to​​​

Date:3 January - 11 April 2018 (Every Wed)
Time:​​7:30pm - 9:00pm 
Confucius Institute, NTU 
11 Slim Barracks Rise, NTU@One-north campus, Executive Centre, 
#08-01​​​, Singapore 138664

S$642/15 sessions
After NSA Subsidy:
S$342^/15 sessions (Aged 50 and above Singaporean senior citizen)

(Price is Inclusive of 7%GST)

^Proof of identity status or relevant documents are required for verification purpose. 


Language Medium:Mandarin (Click here for Chinese content)
Contact Person:Yaqi / Hsuen Wei
Tel:6592 7513​ / 6514 1397​​​​
Fax:6779 7859​​​

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