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    ​Sing With Freedom
    10-Dec-2016 1400hrs - 1700hrs
    This 3-hour singing workshop aims to free up your singing voice, enriching your tone, resonance, stamina and ease of vocal production. In this workshop, you will experience the McClosky Technique, a simple series of relaxation exercises and steps for correct postural alignment that can improve the s...
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    ​Enhancement of the Healthy Voice and Help for the Troubled Voice
    10-Dec-2016 0930hrs - 1230hrs
    Teachers, singers and voice users rely on the voice extensively in teaching, singing and other daily routine. When excessively used, technical errors in voice may occur and this may lead to other voice complaint. How can one keep the voice in good condition? How can one deliver the task without over...
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    03-Dec-2016 1430hrs - 1600hrs
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    ​History in Images – What Cartoons, Woodcuts and Print Advertisements Tell Us About the Pre-war Singapore Art Scene
    08-Oct-2016 1500hrs - 1700hrs
    The speaker aims to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the pre-war Singapore art scene by looking at cartoons, woodcuts and print advertisements. The content of these images were closely related to the situation in China then. However, with prolonged exposure to the adopted country, the e...
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    24-Sep-2016 0900hrs - 1700hrs
    “孔子学院日”是位于北京的孔子学院总部倡办的一项常年活动。全球125个国家的近1200所孔子学院和孔子课堂都会在这一天举办诸如:汉语教学公开课、汉语教材展、中华文化讲座、学生文艺表演等等各类语言文化体验活动,让世界各地的民众体会欣赏中华文化之美。 本院今年特以“1990年代的中国作者电影赏析会”为主轴来欢庆孔子学院日,在这一天与新加坡社会各界重温三位享有盛誉的中国导演的经典作品。它们分別是陈凯歌的《霸王别姬》、张元的《过年回家》和张艺谋的《一个不能少》。我们也很荣幸地邀请到本地知名的传媒学研究者符诗专博士,给大家为这三部电影作评介与赏析。
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    ​​Chinese Medicine for Health: Principles and Practice of Herbal and other Therapies
    10-Sep-2016 - 05-Nov-2016 0915hrs - 1230hrs
    Registration is now closed. ​​Acquire knowledge of TCM to help improve health in general, prevent chronic illnesses, and select diets and lifestyles suited to one’s constitution for vitality and longevity.
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     Moonfest - A Mid-Autumn Celebration 2016: Talks by CI-NTU
    10-Sep-2016 - 11-Sep-2016 0900hrs - 1700hrs

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    ​"In Class with the Master": Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
    16-Aug-2016 - 01-Nov-2016 1930hrs - 2130hrs
    This course aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to Chinese Calligraphy including its historical development, basic skills and hands-on. Provide meaningful guideline to participants based on their needs and abilities.
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    Playing Xiangqi for Brain Health and Delight
    13-Aug-2016 1000hrs - 1200hrs
    Xiangqi is a board game symbolising the ancient battle between two armies. Similar to its Western cousin Chess, it demands significantly the mental ability of the players. It has a long history of more than a thousand years, and is played by billions of people, young and old alike. In this seminar, ...
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    06-Aug-2016 0900hrs - 1700hrs
    中华5千年累积下来的书法艺术,经久不衰,还被称为世界艺术之宝。据说现今世上有几千万人学习书法,并且坚持不放棄,到底书法魅力在那里?书法与养生讲座将与大家分享书法的魅力。除了传统中华文化的了解之外,将谈谈习书养生作用如:⑴养生、养心、养气的概念 ;⑵写字何以有陶冶心情、身心双修、养生保健及延年益寿的作用; (3)古今书家长寿的举证。
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    ​"In Class with the Master": Chinese Chess
    01-Aug-2016 - 31-Aug-2016 1930hrs - 2130hrs
    ​Chinese Chess is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in China. This course is for public who want to learn the rules of playing Chinese Chess and practicing playing with the instructor.
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    Traditional Chinese Martial Arts
    01-Aug-2016 - 31-Aug-2016 1930hrs - 2130hrs
    This course is for people who wish to develop their knowledge of Chinese martial arts and experience the basic Kung Fu movements. The course will teach participants how to control their body and mind to do the basic Kung Fu forms.
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    28-Jul-2016 0900hrs - 1700hrs

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    23-May-2016 - 29-Jul-2016 0900hrs - 1700hrs
    由南洋理工大学孔子学院主办及新加坡华文教研中心协办的"第一届南洋华文青少年文学奖2016"之宗旨为提高我国校园中的写作风气,培养中学生从华文进行文艺创作的兴趣。 本赛事的截稿日期已延至2016年7月29日(星期五),谨此诚邀各校同学踊跃参加!
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    ​The 15th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students Singapore 2016
    14-May-2016 - 28-May-2016 0900hrs - 1700hrs
    The "Chinese Bridge" or Hanyu Qiao is an annual event organised by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban). The event is targeted to the enthusiasts who have the passion for Chinese language and culture. Since its inception in 2002, the “Chinese Bridge”, an event aims at promot...
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    ​​​​Made by the Empire: Wang Xizhi's 'Xingrangtie'
    13-May-2016 1900hrs - 2100hrs
    Xingrangtie is one of only eleven known early Tang dynasty tracing copies of Wang Xizhi’s (303-ca. 361) calligraphy, with no earlier originals surviving. Nowadays belonging to the Princeton University Art Museum, it is the only such copy housed outside of China, Taiwan, or Japan. Wang Xizhi’s altoge...
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    Introductory Course in Traditional Chinese Medicine​
    26-Mar-2016 - 04-Jun-2016 0900hrs - 1700hrs
    The course provides you with the basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the theories of acupuncture and meridian. Know the common diseases such as diabetes, depression and gynaecological diseases and learn how to treat, prevent and care for your health.
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    ​Chinese Calligraphy and Arts Workshop
    23-Feb-2016 - 12-May-2016 1930hrs - 2130hrs
    This course aims to enable students to understand and master calligraphy, and develop creative ideas in constructing unique works of calligraphy.
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    Chinese Ink Painting.small.jpg

    ​​Chinese Ink Painting Workshop
    24-Nov-2015 - 29-Dec-2016 1930hrs - 2130hrs
    Interested in Chinese fine arts but do not have an opportunity to unleash your creativity? Here’s your chance! Participants will learn how to combine and apply the Chinese and Western drawing techniques on watercolor painting, making the art pieces vividly interesting.
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    In Class with the Masters--Lecturer Series on Chinese Language, Literature, History and Philosophy​
    30-Oct-2015 - 29-Jul-2016 1900hrs - 2030hrs
    Senior faculty members from the Chinese Studies departments of Singapore universities will be invited to conduct talks on these topics. The seminar will be held at the Confucius Institute of NTU on every last Friday of the month, from 7pm to 8:30 pm.​​
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