​Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method 
    17-Nov-2018 - 15-Dec-2018 0930hrs - 1700hrs
    "Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method"is a series of 5 workshops aims to free up the singing voice, enriching the tone, resonance, stamina and ease of vocal production.
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    10-Nov-2018 1500hrs - 1400hrs
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    ​第四期​“明师经典”——中国语言、文学、历史、哲学讲座系列​:​​动词看天下: 从动词的使用规律看语言与现实世界的关系​
    27-Oct-2018 1400hrs - 1530hrs
    为什么我们可以说“杯子破了”,但不能说“我不小心破了杯子”,而只能说”我不小心打破了杯子”?为什么可以说”我的电视坏了”,却不能说“我的电视很坏”?反过来,为什么可以说“这个孩子很坏”,却不能说“这个孩子坏了”?这些词语用法,对于华语做为母语的人来说,完全理所当然。然而,简单的两个词语就呈现出几种不同的可能性,这些使用原则源自于什么样的深层因素?用华语不能说“我破了杯子”,用英语却可以说“I broke the cup”。这样的表达差异,又体现了这两种语言之间哪些方面的不同?我们用语言描述我们生活中所接触到的人、事、物,但语言所表现的,并不等同于现实情况。那么,语言与现实世界是一种什么样的关系...
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    ​​Discovering TCM Acupuncture 
    06-Oct-2018 - 27-Oct-2018 0930hrs - 1200hrs
    This course aims to give participants a deeper understanding of the TCM meridians and acupuncture theories. You will learn the basic knowledge of TCM theories and acupuncture which includes ear acupuncture. You will be able to identify common acupoints on each meridians and how to apply them to comm...
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    ​​2018年孔子学院日 -《轻扣京剧大门》
    29-Sep-2018 1000hrs - 1130hrs
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    Vocal ​

    ​Enhancement of the Healthy Voice and Help for the Troubled Voice
    29-Sep-2018 0930hrs - 1230hrs
    Teachers, singers and voice users rely on the voice extensively in teaching, singing and other daily routine. When excessively used, technical errors in voice may occur and this may lead to other voice complaint. How can one keep the voice in good condition? How can one deliver the task without over...
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    谢征达 Seah Cheng Ta_18 Aug (1).jpg

    ​The Fourth Series of the "In Class with the Masters":Reading Fang Xiu?: The Meaning of Pre-War Literary History in Malaysian Chinese Literature​
    18-Aug-2018 1400hrs - 1530hrs
    Fang Xiu (Goh Tze Kwong, 1922-2010) is the pioneer in Singapore literary field. He is also the first person to formulate a system to compile the Pre-war Malaysian Chinese Literature. He showed remarkable efforts in the compilations and writing of pre-war literary data and articles, especially in his...
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    彩墨画 (4).JPG

    Chinese Ink Painting Workshop
    02-Aug-2018 - 22-Oct-2018 1930hrs - 2130hrs
    Interested in Chinese fine arts but do not have an opportunity to unleash your creativity? Here’s your chance! Participants will learn how to combine and apply the Chinese and Western drawing techniques on watercolor painting, making the art pieces vividly interesting.
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    ​Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method-Series 2
    30-Jun-2018 - 28-Jul-2018 1400hrs - 1700hrs
    ​‘Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method - Series 2 provides further training and coaching for participants from Series 1 or experienced singers. This series reinforces the singing concepts introduced previously. All sessions are interactive and practical. The instruction medium will be in b...
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    ​The 17th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students
    18-Apr-2018 0900hrs - 1700hrs
    Do you want to display your Chinese language proficiency and showcase your Chinese cultural skills? Do you want to mingle with individuals from around the world who speak Chinese language? Do you want to perform on Chinese television and win a scholarship to further your studies in China? Don’t miss...
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    Introductory Course.2017.small.jpg​​

    Introductory Course in Traditional Chinese Medicine​
    17-Mar-2018 - 19-May-2018 0930hrs - 1200hrs
    The course provides you with the basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the theories of acupuncture and meridian. Know the common diseases such as diabetes, depression and gynaecological diseases and learn how to treat, prevent and care for your health.
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    Chinese Calligraphy and Spring Festival Couplets.jpg

    03-Feb-2018 1000hrs - 1130hrs
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    ​Guzheng Beginner Course​
    27-Nov-2017 - 11-Apr-2018 1930hrs - 2100hrs
    Guzheng (Zither) is a tradtional Chinese instrument that produces beautiful and charming music with a clear, noble and pleasant sound. Learning guzheng not only can cultivate one's mind, and temperament but also stimulate one's inner artistic potential and achieving self-satisfaction. In this course...
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    ​Healthy Ageing Through Learning and Practice
    03-Oct-2017 - 29-Mar-2018 1000hrs - 1200hrs
    This programme is specially catered for seniors during the daytime and engage them in interactive activities to lead a meaningful and healthy lifestyle.
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