Extension Programmes



    Comprehension Passages and Composition Writing (Primary 5 and 6)
    06-Jan-2018 - 10-Nov-2018 1130hrs - 1600hrs
    This programme aims to strengthen students’ reading and composition writing capabilities by equipping them with various reading and writing techniques. We simplify the mostly commonly feared areas of composition writing and reading comprehension, guiding students to acquire core skills in an engagin...
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    Chinese Creative Reading and Writing (Primary 2)
    06-Jan-2018 - 10-Nov-2018 0900hrs - 1700hrs
    Unleash the imagination to turn thoughts into expressive words and creative writings. Be motivated to explore, plan and write comprehensively. Learn to construct unique phrases and sentences from words. Build up a vocabulary bank through better observational skills and sensitivity to surroundings. L...
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