1. 1. What is the curriculum of TCEP?
    80% of the programme content emphasises and reinforces effective communication, reading, listening and writing skills, in accordance with the current Chinese MOE syllabus. The remaining 20% of the programme content transmits the learnings of culture and value achieved in a flexible and natural way that students find interesting and relevant.
    Some examples of teaching materials used to aid and facilitate the students’ learning process: Local news reports, articles in students’ newspapers and magazines, poetry, songs, Confucius analects, etc.
  2. What is the teaching methodology of TCEP?
    The lessons are conducted in an interactive and engaging manner together with practical assessments and personal coaching. The lessons are also infused with fun activities and delivered in Mandarin.
  3. Why register with TCEP?
    TCEP emphasises not only on academic progress in line with the MOE syllabus but also injects lessons with meaningful cultural elements to enthuse and develop students’ lasting interest in learning Chinese. At the same time, inculcating Chinese values and boosting confidence in them as an individual.
  4. Will my child be given homework?
    No, there will be no homework given to students.