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​Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Published on: 02-Nov-2018
Programme starts on/from: 07-Jan-2019 - 01-Apr-2019 0900hrs - 1700hrs
Contact Information: Email:​​ /​​​

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
This course aims to practise writing beautiful Chinese Characters (Hanzi) and have a better understanding of Chinese Culture.

Course Objectives:

  • ​To provide a comprehensive introduction to Chinese Calligraphy
    (including its historical development, basic skills and hands-on experience).
  • To provide participants appropriate guidance on Calligraphy based on individual preferences and abilities.

Course Outline: 
Lecture Series 1Fundamentals of Chinese Calligraphy

  • ​An Introduction into Chines​e Calligraphy​
  • The benefit of practicing Chinese Calligraphy (meditative, cultivating disciplined, and relaxing)
  • How Chinese Characters were formed 
  • Writing styles of Chinese Characters and Calligraphy 
  • History of Chinese Calligraphy 
  • Basic Writing Materials – “Four Treasures of Study” 
  • Technique of Handling and Controlling of the Brush
  • Eight Basic Brushstrokes Principles using the word ‘yong’
  • ​Fundamental Rules and changes of Brushstrokes Movement 
  • Five Golden Rules of Brushstroke Sequences 
  • Structure of Characters 
  • Build up collection of Chinese words, starting with simple structures of characters and working up to more complicated compositions

Lecture Series 2 Learning the exemplary works of ancient masters

  • ​​​An introduction to the calligraphic basic skill by practicing exemplary works of famous calligraphers​
  • How to choose a good version of copybook (Stone rubbing templates) 
  • Comparison of the exemplary works of 4 famous calligraphers and in-depth study into the unique characteristics of their works
  • How to appreciate the exemplary works of the reputed calligraphers and imitating their styles
  • Practising the exemplary works of various famous calligraphers, namely Liu Gongquan , Yan Zhengqing and Zhao Mengfu ​
  • Practising writing the same words in different styles
  • Understanding different formats of Chinese Calligraphic Works
  • Layout arrangements 
  • How to create beautiful brush lettering and Artwork  
  • Inscriptions or sign off the artwork
  • Special efforts on calligraphy  

Course Instructor: Mr Chew Ho Son (周和顺先生)​​​​

  • Chew Ho Son, Singaporean, was the Divisional Director of Finance, Nanyang Technological University for 30 years.  He graduated from Nanyang University Singapore.
  • He received his Professional calligraphy training at Tsing Hua University in Beijing, China. He has been sharing his passion for the Chinese Culture and Calligraphy thru teaching at various communities.
  • He has been, since 2010, assisting the Confucius Institute, NTU Singapore including the International Exchange Students in grooming /teaching Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Culture. He is also a Peoples Association, Singapore qualified trainer for the last 6 years, conducting courses at their community clubs.



7 January​ - 1 April​​ 20​​19 (Every Mon) | 10:00am - 12:00pm
8 January ​- 2 April​ 2019 (Every Tue)​  | ​​7:30pm - 9:30pm

Language Medium:

Mandarin & English​


Confucius Institute, NTU​
11 Slim Barracks Rise, NTU @One-north campus, Executive Centre, #08-01 
Singapore ​138664 ​(near Buona Vista MRT station)

​Course Fee: 

​S$385.20 / 12 sessions​
After NSA subsidy: S$205.20 / 12 sessions (Singaporean senior citizen aged 50 and above)
S$40.00 (Materials fee)

(Price stated is inclusive of 7% G​ST)
Early Bird Discount (register by 7 Dec 2018):​​

  • ​15% discount for NTU staff/student^*
  • 15% discount for group of 3 pax and more*
  • 10% discount for public*

^Proof of identity status or relevant documents are required for verification purpose. 
*Students are eligible for only ONE of the above mentioned discount scheme

​​Contact Person:

Jye Min​ / Ming Jia


6514 1398​​​ / 6592 7931


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