Language Programmes

Daily Chinese - HSK Programme

Daily Chinese – HSK programme is customised to the needs of anyone who wish to learn Chinese language and culture. It consists of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels, which covers a wide range of familiar topics; such as talking about personal information, living, working, as well as social inte...

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Chinese Phonetics (Hanyu Pinyin) Programme

Specially catered for those who can converse in Mandarin but not familiar with the Hanyu Pinyin system. Learning the Hanyu Pinyin will enable learners to pronounce and note the sound of the Chinese characters more accurately. Being a simple and efficient tool for Chinese word processing, learners will acquire another skill to input Chinese.

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Business Chinese Programme

Business Chinese programme aims to equip individuals with the ability to use Chinese in the course of work. This programme comprises three essential language courses, namely: Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing, and Comprehensive.

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The Art of Leadership: Lessons from the Ancient Chinese

Ancient Chinese philosophers and thinkers widely subscribed to the importance of good leadership. A review of the major Chinese schools of thought reveals great emphasis on the importance of wisdom and virtue in a good leader, as well as the belief that a good leader is built on a foundation of mora...

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