Chinese Instrumental Grading Examinations

In partnership with The TENG Academy, the Chinese Music Instrumental Grading Examinations 2019 are​ now open for registration! Register by 13 September 2019 to enjoy early-bird special rates!​
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Sing With Freedom
23-Mar-2019 - 30-Mar-2019 1400hrs - 1700hrs
This 3-hour singing workshop aims to free up your singing voice, enriching your tone, resonance, stamina and ease of vocal production. In this workshop, you will experience the McClosky Technique, a simple series of relaxation exercises and steps for correct postural alignment that can improve the s...
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Introductory Course in Traditional Chinese Medicine
23-Mar-2019 - 25-May-2019 0930hrs - 1200hrs
The course provides you with the basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the theories of acupuncture and meridian. Know the common diseases such as diabetes, depression and gynaecological diseases and learn how to treat, prevent and care for your health.
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​Lecture Series on Historical and Cultural Heritage of China: 
27-Feb-2019 - 27-Mar-2019 1000hrs - 1200hrs
The course aims at providing a general understanding of traditional China by focusing on the major political, intellectual and cultural developments in the various dynasties of imperial China.
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​Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
07-Jan-2019 - 01-Apr-2019 0900hrs - 1700hrs
This course aims to practise writing beautiful Chinese Characters (Hanzi) and have a better understanding of Chinese Culture.
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