CI-NTU Literature and Art Series 南洋理工大学孔子学院文艺丛书系列

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​(1) The Singapore through our Eyes 

The first book, entitled 《我们眼中的新加坡》 (The Singapore through Our Eyes), is a collection of 50 Chinese essays, singularly or jointly written by more than 30 students from 23 secondary schools, documenting their fondness and affection for Singapore. CI-NTU is honoured to work with a team of Chinese language teachers and Heads of MTL departments (from Temasek Junior College and other secondary schools) to bring forth this meaningful book which captures the sincere and earnest feelings of our younger generation compatriots, about the land, the people and the society of their beloved country.

Selling Price: S$8*

*Inclusive of 7%GST



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​(2) Singapura: Kotaku, Kampung Halamanku

Singapura: Kotaku, Kampung Halamanku — 新加坡:我的城市我的家园, is a collection of the representative works of 30 important Singaporean poets who write in Malay and Chinese. Professors Leo Suryadinata (former director of the Chinese Heritage Centre at NTU) and Hadijah Bte Rahmat (Head of the Malay Language & Culture Division at NIE), the editor and co-editor of the book, each identified 15 major poets of the respective Chinese and Malay literary circle, and selected a compendium of master pieces on their sentimental affection to Singapore, a place where they regarded as home. Professor Leo then translated the Malay poems into Chinese and the Chinese poems into Malay. 

Selling Price: S$15*
*Inclusive of 7%GST