“In Class with Confucius” Comics 《孔子新学堂》 漫画

​​“In Class with Confucius” Comic Books (Volume 1 – 4)《孔子新学堂》 漫画(第一期至第四期)​


​​Wish to have fun learning Chinese Language? Wish to understand Chinese history and proverbs without breaking into a sweat? 

Wish to travel through time to meet Confucius face to face, and to read Confucian classics in a fun way? Welcome to "IN CLASS WITH CONFUCIUS".

Through exciting comic strips, "IN CLASS WITH CONFUCIUS" brings us on a cruise down the River of Time in Chinese History to uncover the rich treasures of Chinese language. With concise content. Interesting caricatures, lively stories, this comic will inspire students to learn about the Chinese language and culture as well as instilling good moral values while enjoying the comics.​

​Selling Price: $ 25.20* for 4 volumes

想趣味地学习华文,轻松了解中华历史及成语吗?想穿越时空,走近孔子,趣读《论语》与儒家经典吗? 欢迎来到我们的创新求变《孔子新学堂》!​

​零售价:$ 25.20 /共4期​