"In Class with Confucius" Magazines 《孔子新学堂》杂志

"In Class with Confucius" Magazine (Issue 1 - 4) 《孔子新学堂》第一期 至第四​期 

Following year 2010 quarterly comic "In Class With Confucius", CI-NTU joint hands with the Singapore Comics Association again to launch "In Class With Confucius" Magazine (New Issue), a half-yearly publication for after school and holiday reading that seeks to pass on the educational philosophy of the Six Arts to school children and parents.

The aim of the Six Arts pedagogy is to improve the quality of the children holistically, and foster them to be future trail-blazers of societal development. Through our fun, innovative and stimulating situational teaching method, parents can learn and explore with their children the fascinating world of the Chinese language and culture, encourage ethics, character and aspiration building, as well as promoting family bonding.