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The Office of Chinese Language Council International 

"After assessing and evaluating more than 10 Singapore educational institutions, the Office of Chinese Language Council International has selected Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to be its partnering university. We believe and envisage that the Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University (CI-NTU) will bring forth excellence in all aspects of the Chinese cultural and language. Together with College of International Education, Shandong University, we will bring the Chinese culture to a higher level in Singapore and the region, deepen the Sino-Singapore collaboration in the education arena, and promote the Chinese language to the world".
Dr Zhan Tao, Former President of Shandong University

"Other than China, Singapore is the country that has the highest percentage of Chinese population in the world, coupled with her government's strong support on the Chinese language and her strategic geographical location to radiate to the surrounding South-East Asia region, Singapore is the ideal place (to set up CI-NTU). This joint setup between Shandong University and Nanyang Technological University will be the starting point for further academic collaboration in an all-round manner, for example, research and development (which is one of NTU's key strengths) in the area of bio-sciences and engineering, etc. This Sino-Singapore cooperation also aligns to Shandong University's drive to increase cultural and academic exchanges and cooperation with overseas universities in the recent years and to raise its standards in the international arena".​